Jessica Seinfeld Shares Photos of Her Family's Delicious, Gorgeous Summer Vacation

PHOTO: Jessica Seinfeld posted this photo to Instagram on July 29, 2014 with the caption, "@reddit AMA clearly makes you hungry. Check this beast out there, and, his new "Single Shot" feature is live now on"jessseinfeld/Instagram
Jessica Seinfeld posted this photo to Instagram July 29, 2014, with the caption, "@reddit AMA clearly makes you hungry. Check this beast out there, and, his new "Single Shot" feature is live now on"

Nobody is having a better summer than the Seinfeld family.

First, they jetted to Greece with Kelly Ripa's brood in June. Logically, July would be a come-down month, right? Think again.

At the start of the month, Jerry took care of the kids while Jessica jetted to Italy for work. But when the group reunited, they made time for food, fun and, of course, family in and around New York City.

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"My [heart] beats for these freaks," Jessica wrote on Instagram next to a photo of her family.

For some of the best photos from their action-packed July, as seen in Jessica's Instagram feed, see below.

July 1: "To grandmother's house they go ...Jerry off to have some fun (and work) and I'm off on a little food research adventure with friends. Hopefully, you will all enjoy the fruits of our 'labor,'" she wrote.

July 1: "Zucchini irritates me. It's not flavorful enough. It's not highly nutritious. It just doesn't move the needle. I mean, do you know anyone who says 'Zucchini is my favorite vegetable?'. UNLESS you are in Italy, where they make miraculous pasta meals with zucchini. This dish was inspired by one we had in Capri last's easy, yummy and it will give that zucchini sitting endlessly in your kitchen something to do."

July 2: "Look what I found...I want to give each one of you a bottle of this. And I haven't even tasted it yet."

July 4

July 5: "Are you looking for a new best friend? I have one. Her name is Shakerado. She is an espresso, shaken with ice with a tiny bit of sugar. Look at that foam!?!Whaaaat!"

July 8: "Thank you @mariobatali for your notes on Naples. We did it all - train stations, museum, pizza, @gabbyschwartz @pierrekim @taraconnaughton... LOVE EVERY BIT of YOU"

July 12: "Super Moon Saturday Sleepover Selfie. Goodnight, Honeys."

July 17: "It's a sell out....Proceeds go to @loverecycled #fatherhoodprogram"

July 18: "Peace."

July 24: "Jerry and his ladies celebrating NATIONAL TEQUILA DAYYYYYYY. Not a moment too soon."

July 27: "Dads of the year, Jerry Seinfeld and @nachofigueras making Sascha try her first Coke."

July 27: "Schwinning. And other weird goings on."

July 28: "My [heart] beats for these freaks. #unclemichellesbirthday"

July 29: "If you are going to Jerry's live shows in NJ this weekend, please only focus on the right side of his head. Not the left. I may or may not be responsible for the whack left side burn situation."