Jon Favreau Says Working With Bill Murray Was a 'Real Highlight of My Career'

Favreau directed Murray in the upcoming "The Jungle Book" movie.

— -- Jon Favreau, the actor and director behind hits like “Swingers,” “Elf,” “Chef” and “Iron Man,” is back in action with a brand new take on the Disney classic “The Jungle Book.”

“Finally I got a phone call from him, out of the blue. I’d sent letters, I’d reached out left messages, and he said, ‘Yeah, let’s do it!’” Favreau added. “And ever since then, he’s the hardest working guy, he really loves to get it just right and I’ve gotten to know him and work with him and it was a real highlight of my career.”

The famous director also explained how exciting it was to update the classic film for a modern audience.

“The Jungle Book,” which is produced by ABC’s parent company Disney, opens in theaters on April 15.