Josh Duhamel: 5 Sweet Things About My Son Axl Jack

Baby is "growing like crazy" and already wants his freedom, the actor says.

ByABC News
March 14, 2014, 5:25 PM

March 14, 2014 — -- Josh Duhamel always wanted to be a father. He got his wish six months ago when Axl Jack was born.

"I did it! I did it!" he told ABC News. "I get to be a dad!"

Duhamel said his son is "growing like crazy" and already wants his freedom.

"He's got this little car that was given to us as a gift, like a little walker, a little Ferrari," he said. "He loves that thing. I guess it's some sort of independence that he has, he just cruises around the house and explores."

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The "Safe Haven" star, 41, said Axl Jack is rolling around and about to start crawling.

"He's eating real foods, he's holding his own bottle," he added. "All those things that are boring if you don't have a kid, but if you have a kid, it's like 'Wow, he's a genius!'"

The actor is also a little embarrassed when he's sees himself on video playing with his son.

"We do a lot of video, and when I play it back I'm like, 'Gosh I really talk like that to him?'" he added. "But there's just so much love. I'm such a softy around him."

Someone else who loves Axl is the family dog Zoe.

"She's really cute and she sits at the corner of his mat, when he's rolling around playing with his stuff, sits and plays guard dog," he said.

Zoe is one of two dogs Duhamel had in recent years. Sadly, his other pooch Meatloaf died a couple years ago. The actor had adopted Meatloaf, a rescue pup, from a dog shelter -- and his death inspired him to do kore.

"The more I learned, the more I wanted to help spread the word [about pet adoption]," he said.

That's just what the "You're Not You" actor did for a short documentary film for PEDIGREE's "See what good food can do" campaign. His goal is to inform people that rescue dogs are just as good companions as any dog you can buy from a pet store.

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As for a second baby, Duhamel said, "We're thinking about it, but we are still adapting to him, eventually that is what we want to do."

Check out Josh's documentary short below: