Judd Apatow 'Uncomfortable' Watching Paul Rudd’s Sex Scenes With Wife Leslie Mann

The comedy director says he should just omit their sex scenes from the script.

— -- Comedy director, writer and producer Judd Apatow is married to one of the funniest women in Hollywood, Leslie Mann. The two have worked closely together on many films, but there’s one actor in particular who has worked just a bit more closely with Mann on-screen: Paul Rudd.

Funnyman Rudd, 46, and Apatow’s real-life wife Mann, 43, have shared the silver screen as a married couple in two of Apatow’s movies, “Knocked Up” and “This Is 40.”

“I don’t mind it because I know they don’t enjoy it,” Apatow added. “So in a way it’s like torturing people by forcing them to make out.”

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“When I was 15 in 1983 I was a comedy nerd and I hunted down all the comedians from my high school radio station,” he explained. “I would lie to them. I would say I worked for a radio station. I never said it was a high school radio station. And then I would show up with this giant tape recorder and they would be like, ‘Oh no, I’m talking to a child,’ but they couldn’t back out. It was too late.”

“I have to say, he’s so funny it’s irritating,” Apatow quipped. “I mean, I’m supposed to be the funny one and the bad athlete. He’s supposed to an athlete and unfunny.”