Judge Grants Casey Kasem's Daughter Daily Visitation

Court proceedings will continue next Friday.

May 30, 2014 — -- Casey Kasem's daughter was granted daily visitation rights today by a Washington State judge to see her ailing father.

In addition, Kasem's wife Jean, who's been embroiled in an ongoing legal dispute with the radio icon's daughter, will get an extra week to prepare a defense about the appropriate medical care for the 82-year-old Kasem.

Jean Kasem appeared in court and requested legal proceedings be delayed until June 20. instead, the judge reluctantly approved the move, giving them only a week.

Last week, Jean Kasem was served with a California court order that suspended her ability to determine her husband's medical treatment, while expanding the ability of Kasem's daughter Kerri to see if her father is getting adequate medical care, the AP reported.

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In response to Jean's request for a delay, Kerri Kasem's lawyer argued it had gone on long enough and she just wants to see her father, now her legal right. Defense then proposed that Kerri come to the house, provided she not take pictures, as to avoid a media circus.

The judge granted the stay until next week, but also ordered Kerri have access up to one hour a day to see her father.

Both Kerri and Jean Kasem can bring one witness to the meetings with the radio legend.

Photos cannot be shared with anyone but legal council.

The judge also ordered an exam of Kasem, 82, and medical care will be whatever care that doctor decides.

Jean Kasem has said all along that her husband has made it clear he wants to stay in his wife's care.

The "American Top 40" host, who, according to his daughter suffers from dementia, has been staying with his wife near Seattle.

Earlier this month, Kasem's whereabouts were unknown by the court until the sheriff's office in Kitsap County, near Seattle was able to track him down at a friends home on May 13. Jean Kasem told the police that they were on vacation. Police added that Kasem's medication was there at the friend's home and that he "appeared to be not in distress," according to the AP.