'Jurassic World's' Bryce Dallas Howard Reveals Secret Behind Her Name

"I realized that sounds like a porn name," she joked.

ByABC News
June 12, 2015, 12:19 PM

— -- With "Jurassic World" out in theaters today, the blockbuster's star Bryce Dallas Howard sat down with Peter Travers to talk about the film and little extra.

Howard's character is running "Jurassic World" in the movie, which is made 22 years after the original movie.

"It felt so realistic," Howard said about the movie's plot. "It's a dinosaur theme park and there's 20,000 visitors every single day. It's kind of like nothing you would veer imagine, and yet, it's been open for a while. One of my first lines is 'Nobody's impressed by a dinosaur anymore.'"

Howard, 34, said she thinks that is what it would be like, excitement at first for dinosaurs, then it would become normal.

"You would want something more," she said.

The "new" dinosaur is the Indominous Rex, "a genetically modified dinosaur."

Howard also spoke about her famous name, given to her by her legendary father Ron Howard.

Howard names all his children after the place they were conceived.

"When I started working, I just had my name be Bryce Dallas. I was a little insecure, hoping people don't think that I'm only doing this because of whatever," she said. "I was Bryce Dallas for a while, then I realized, that sounds like a porn name."

So, she went from her full name, also because of proud of her heritage.

"The rule was it's wherever we were conceived, it's so disgusting!" she said, laughing. "For me, it was a city, for my sisters, it was a hotel [Carlyle]. My brother, his middle name was Cross after a place we used to live ... that was our road where our house was, my dad would make this joke, 'I didn't want to call him back of the Volvo!' ... no, stop it!"

In fact, Howard said she found out about the middle name history after her father went on David Letterman.