Kaley Cuoco Reveals Her Past Addiction to Afrin

This is what led to her painful sinus surgery.

Cuoco, 29, opened up recently on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" about the flub, saying, "I completely blanked, but I had my ex-boyfriend thank him at the end of the night, so it worked out great for me.”

After "Big Bang" won another award, Cuoco's ex, Johnny Galecki, stepped in and thanked her husband for her.

"Then Johnny said to Ryan, 'Your wife didn't thank you but I will, you have my heart,'" she explained of his joke at the awards show.

"Which is so funny, because if you know me, I would have told you if I got a nose job," she said. "I was actually really addicted to nose spray like Afrin, before. Like for years. Like at award shows I would have to pick out the right clutch to be able to fit my Afrin in it. And I’d be under the table like snorting it. I’m surprised there were no photos of what I was snorting."

She continued, "And I couldn’t get enough and it was such a problem. And I ruined my sinus. So I had to get it fixed."

"It's the worst!" Cuoco said. "You should totally get it done, but it's the worst!"