What's Kate Gosselin's Game Plan Now?

Kate Gosselin's new look suggests she's up to something.

ByABC News
June 28, 2010, 4:05 AM

June 28, 2010 — -- If there's one thing Kate Gosselin knows how to do, it's raise eyebrows.

America's ever-morphing mother of eight debuted a new look last week that grabbed the attention of gossip mongers: an eerily taut face and eyebrows peaked like McDonald's' golden arches.

Maybe she got Botox, maybe she got a bit tweezer happy, maybe she stumbled upon a font of youth in the backyard of her Pennsylvania home. Regardless, Gosselin's new look suggests she's gearing up for something. Sure, she's got "Kate Plus 8" and "Twist of Kate," but, as evidenced by her turn on "Dancing With the Stars," this mom knows how to multi-task. Below, three hypotheses on what Gosselin could get up to next:

1. A dating show. OK, her rep said Gosselin's not interested in whittling down a mass of men with challenges like "Diaper Xtreme! Who Can Powder and Pamper Eight Bottoms the Fastest?" But Gosselin's got to get back into the dating scene at some point, and her refreshed face could be a sign that she's ready to venture into the relationship realm again. Maybe hidden cameras could follow her as she attempts to meet men the nonreality TV way: at the supermarket, on the playground, between soccer games. Let's see her navigate the playing field like the rest of us.

2. A cooking special. On July 2, Gosselin will visit ABC's "The View" to dish about summer foods to fete Independence Day. (She'll also chat about patriotic outfits -- hint: incorporate red, white and blue -- and sunless tanning.)

Gosselin should take things a step further and stage a special about how, exactly, one keeps eight kids full and happy day in and day out. She was due to release a cook book, "Love Is in the Mix: Making Meals Into Memories" last year, but that project got postponed by her publisher when her marriage to Jon Gosselin imploded like so many souffles. Perhaps her hints for whipping up foods that inspire "meaningful mealtime blessings" would be better shared before a live studio audience.

3. A dance off with Jon Gosselin. Gosselin tried her darndest, but her fox-trot footwork and samba skills left a lot to be desired on "Dancing With the Stars." She fought through five weeks of competition before viewers kicked her off, sashaying by Shannen Doherty, twirling past Aiden Turner, and beating out Buzz Aldrin.