Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Knockoff Hits Stores

Designers scramble to bring replica of Middleton's wedding gown to the masses.

May 1, 2011, 9:38 PM

May 3, 2011 — -- Kate Middleton's wedding dress made the whole world gasp in awe with admiration. But now, every bride-to-be will be able to buy one just like it.

Minutes after the world got its first glimpse of Kate's gown, designers were making detailed sketches. Michelle and Henry Roth are designers who sell exclusively for Kleinfeld Bridal Salon, the largest wedding boutique in the country, located in New York City. At Kleinfeld, they see more than 15,000 women per year all looking for that special dress.

Now, Kleinfeld and the Roths are working on what will surely be one of their hottest gowns ever: an inspired replica of the amazing Kate Middletown wore as she walked down the aisle.

For designers like the Roths, third generation wedding gow makers, Kate's dress is a serious game-changer, and the Roths are determined to have the perfect couture gown, inspired by Middleton's, available immediately.

From the very first moment on Friday that Prince William's bride stepped out in her dress -- designed by Sarah Burton for fashion house Alexander McQueen -- the Roths have been working on every detail of their "Kate Dress" that they plan to sell as part of their collection.

Like detectives, the Roths examined every detail of Kate's dress -- from the neckline to the sleeves to the pleats in the skirt. Nothing was overlooked.

With sketch im hand, they then rushed to Lace Star in New York's Garment District to find the perfect fabric.

Back in their studio, they began draping and pinning the garment.

Out in the store, women were already waiting breathlessly for a chance to try on "The Kate," while seamstresses worked around the clock, carefully hand-sewing and applying every piece of lace.

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