How Katherine Heigl Knows She's Not a Terrible Person

PHOTO: Katherine Heigl is pictured on May 6, 2014 in Beverly Hills, Calif. Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images
Katherine Heigl is pictured on May 6, 2014 in Beverly Hills, Calif.

With two children -- daughters Naleigh, 5, and Adalaide, 2 -- Katherine Heigl said she finally feels like a grown up.

Heigl, 35, who has been under fire as of late for being an alleged "difficult" actress, spoke to People magazine about how her husband Josh Kelley lets her know all of the rumors just are not true.

"I'll look at my husband and sometimes go, 'You know what? I'm doing all right.' Because if I was that big of an a******, he would not still be here," she told the magazine. "He's way too cool to put up with that."

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Heigl also admitted that with age and experience, she cares less what people are saying about her.

"I have a deeper understanding about what really matters and whose opinion really matters," Heigl added. "I'm not going to lie, I'm absolutely a neurotic actor. But I'm less atwitter, and I'm less defensive, and I'm less afraid of what everybody thinks about me."

Heigl added that while she's back on TV in "State of Grace," she looks back fondly on her past work.

"I just watched My Father the Hero with my 13-year-old niece," said Heigl, who starred in that film at 14 years old. "It was kind of awesome because she got to see her Auntie Katie at 14. [But] it was kind of a tragedy for me. I like, peaked at 14."