Katy Perry's Super Bowl Designer Reveals Secrets to Her Show-Stopping Costumes

Designer Jeremy Scott reveals how speedy costume changes happened.

February 3, 2015, 9:42 AM

— -- The number of people watching Katy Perry’s blowout Super Bowl halftime show wasn’t the only record set Sunday night. She also wore more outfits than anyone ever before, pulling off a record-setting four costume changes.

“We were both ambitious,” Perry’s friend and fashion designer, Jeremy Scott, who collaborated with the superstar singer for two months on each design, told ABC News. “And I’m actually wearing the flame sandals that Katy was inspired by.”

Her red hot opening dress was made of detailed patent leather worth $15,000 to $20,000. Perry was strategically able to take it off in just 20 seconds backstage revealing her beach look underneath without missing a beat.

Scott says the secret to these quick costume changes is the “hiding of the looks and trying to plan how you could have something under it and not be seen,” adding that he’s the one who convinced Perry to add the fourth oversized hoodie costume at the last minute when Missy Elliott joined the show.

But the show-stopper of the night was her $15,000 silver star gown, which had to be easily slipped on in just 45 seconds.

“We both agreed it should be a glamorous, kind of red carpet bonanza moment,” said Scott. “She wanted for sure to have a leg moment.”

And Scott didn’t just design Perry’s outfits. He also calmed her nerves, telling the singer, “You are born for this. You’re born for this day and you are going to own this.”

And she sure did, despite the costume changes and high-flying stunts. Super Bowl halftime executive producer Ricky Kirshner explained the most stressful part of the entire performance was getting Perry safely secured on the flying star for her big finale, all in less than one minute.

“When we rehearsed the first time, the platform was a little smaller and she didn’t feel comfortable,” said Kirshner. “So you figure out different harnesses and give her a big enough platform and she’s a trooper. After two or three times she nailed it.”

Kirshner also credits Perry for the elaborate ideas and themes behind the performance.

“The puppets, the trees, the sharks just all came from the crazy mind of Katy Perry,” he said. “Everything you saw was original to this show.”

The lighting designs on the floor during her performance of “Dark Horse” were created using 88 projectors, and her big entrance on the lion was controlled by a group of 10 puppeteers.

And as for Perry’s now-iconic costumes, Scott says they will never be worn again. They are being archived in the singer’s personal collection.

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