How Kelly Rowland Bounced Back After Baby

Destiny's Child singer gave birth to son, Titan, in November.

Now, the Destiny's Child singer is offering fans a chance to follow the same fitness and eating plan designed by trainer Jeanette Jenkins that helped her get back into her skinny jeans a short seven weeks after giving birth.

"Kelly Rowland just had her baby Titan in November and she is on board & motivated to get her body back just like so many of you! Kelly is excited to share her journey & motivate others while she goes through the journey herself!" Jenkins wrote on her blog.

The pair are calling it the "6 Week Get Your Body Back Challenge with Kelly Rowland & Jeanette Jenkins."

On Jenkins' blog are six weeks of "workouts, motivation, nutrition and healthy living tips."

The seven-day healthy eating plan that Rowland has been using includes plenty of veggies and fruits.

"I recommend using all organic foods, farm raised, grass fed and local farmers with no antibiotics, hormones, pesticides or chemicals. To have healthy cells and a healthy body you must eat quality food," Jenkins wrote on her blog, alongside a week of meals and snacks.

She also suggested preparing meals at home, eating three green vegetables a day, drinking two to three cups of green tea daily and drinking half of your body weight in water each day.

As for exercise, Rowland rotates five fitness DVDs, including sexy abs and cardio sculpt, bikini bootcamp and power yoga.

Jenkins lays out a six-day a week workout plan, with Sunday as a day to "rest, relax and recover."

Rowland and her husband, Tim Witherspoon, welcomed their son, Titan, on Nov. 4.

The singer told that she kept in shape while pregnant by exercising.

"Everybody always tells you to go crazy with food, and you can eat whatever you want. It's fine to have your cravings but I wanted an easier delivery. All the women that I've talked to, that have worked out, have such an easy and speedy delivery," she said in October. "Exercise really helps that."