Kendra Wilkinson on Baby Number 2: 'We're Trying, We're Ready'

Wilkinson said she's ready to give "Little Hank" a sibling.

Sept. 12, 2013— -- Kendra Wilkinson said she's ready for baby No. 2 with husband Hank Baskett.

The former "Girls Next Door" star, 28, told ABC News today while promoting the second season of her new show "Kendra on Top," that the couple is currently trying for another child.

"I'm not pregnant yet," she told ABC. "But we're trying, we're very ready."

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She added that her 3-year-old son Hank Baskett IV couldn't be happier with the possibility of a brother or sister. He's actually started to ask for one.

"He's that mature to be able to look and see his friends having little siblings and he's able to look up at me and be, 'Momma, I want a baby brother,'" she said. "He doesn't know where it comes from, so he thinks we just go buy one from the store, so I tell him 'Just be patient, you'll get one soon.'"

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Fans will have to be patient for Wilkinson's season premier tomorrow on WE tv to find out if her and Baskett go through with an open marriage, where they are free to date other people, which they discussed and teased in promotional trailers.

"We are going on five years of marriage, but sometimes during a relationship that long ... we're sexy young people, sometimes we want to have a little fun and spark things up a bit," she said. "We want to look for ways to spice up the relationship."

But she said, even with that on the table, her and her husband are traditional people who want a normal marriage.

"[Just] sometimes five years in, you get crazy ideas," she added.