Kerry Washington urges voting in local elections: 'Change happens on many levels'

You can vote for "people who make real day-to-day decisions in your community."

Kerry Washington wants voters to remember that there will be more people to vote for on November's ballots than just the two vying for the presidential title.

"We tend to get really excited around presidential elections and this is undoubtedly a really, really important election. The most important election of any of our lifetimes, I would argue," Washington said. "We need to remember that change happens on many levels."

She said there are decisions made on a local level about the issues people "care about" and pointed out there will be candidates for local positions on voters' ballots as well.

"I worry that people don't feel like who they vote for as president has an impact. Who you vote for as president has a tremendous impact, but also, you have an opportunity to vote for judges, and [district attorneys], and sheriffs ... and school board leaders. People who make real day-to-day decisions in your community," she added.

Amid widespread worries of COVID-19 spreading at polling places this fall, the number of mail-in ballots is surging far faster than states' abilities to count them. Elections experts are increasingly convinced that this surge and the nation's patchwork method of handling it, could lead to a constitutional crisis in November.

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