Kiefer Sutherland Just Debuted a Country Song

Watch the video and learn more about his upcoming album.

The acclaimed actor, 49, just debuted his first single "Not Enough Whiskey" from the album "Down in a Hole" and it features a sad love song.

Sutherland is not blind to how fans will take this new career move. An actor switching gears and getting into music is usually met with skepticism.

"If I hear about an actor doing a music project, my eyes are the first to roll," he told Rolling Stone of his album that's set to come out later this year.

He continued, "It's been done before and, on some levels, not very well. A lot of actors make records but won't tour to support them or make videos, and it ends up not being serious. I felt strongly that this was something I wanted to do."

In fact, Rolling Stone adds that Sutherland financed the video himself and will present at the upcoming Academy of Country Music (ACM) Awards on April 3.

The song and the album are very personal to the actor.

"I've certainly been there, where something will happen in life, and one, two, three bottles of whiskey are not going to fix it," he added.

For more on Sutherland's full album, head over to Rolling Stone for the full interview.

Sutherland will also go on his first live tour, which begins in mid-April and ends in May.