Recognize These Celebrities? That's the Point

How Kim Kardashian and Nick Lachey fooled their fans with prosthetic faces.

November 15, 2009, 9:03 AM

Nov. 16, 2009— -- In this age of camera cell phones, viral video and paparazzi, it's nearly impossible for a celebrity to go unnoticed.

That is until television's "Secret Celebrity." The E! Entertainment special, which aired last week and re-airs tomorrow night on E!, put professional prosthetics on Hollywood socialite Kim Kardashian and pop star Nick Lachey, and fooled even their biggest fans.

"When you have such big celebrities, they are always being pandered to by their fans," Nick James, manager of development for E! studios and one of the show's executive producers, told "They wanted chance to see what their fans really think of them."

So Kardashian, with the help of award-winning Hollywood makeup artist Matthew Mungle, put aside her famous good looks and was transformed into homely Cynthia.

None of the women seemed to guess that Kardashian was sitting right there among them.

"They were completely clueless. When she takes off her teeth and wig, there are looks of shock," Beth Greenwald, vice president of development for E!, told "Jaws hit the floor."

If Greenwald and James were concerned before about whether they could pull off the stunt, Kardashian's own sister Kourtney convinced them when she walked into Kardashian's house where they were shooting.

Prosthetics Made Kardashian Unrecognizable -- Even to a Sibling

"Kourtney didn't know we were shooting with Kim," Greenwald said. "She looked directly at her sister, who was Cynthia, and nothing. Kim was hysterical. Later when she went to the bathroom, she said, 'I can't believe my own sister didn't recognize me.'"

Lachey, who has an upcoming album, wanted to get some honest feedback, so he turned himself into "Bernie," a Jive Records executive conducting a focus group.

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