Celebrities Admit Serious Girl Crushes

Jessica Biel on Jen Garner Jessica Biel fessed up to having a girl crush this week. "My girl crush is Jen Garner at the moment (but) here's the thing with girl crushes: it's more of a respect thing. It's like, you're beautiful, you're cool, you look and seem like somebody I would want to hang out with and your career is awesome." Way to take every boy's sexual fantasy and put a big fuzzy sweater on it, Jessica. [Starpulse]

Seems like there's a lot of girl-on-girl love going around Hollywood, though. Here are your favorite female celebs' girl crushes.

Molly Sims on Jessica Biel Looks like Jessica Biel gets some love back from Molly Sims, who said she had a girl crush on the actress. "I think her body is insane," said Molly. That sounds like a boy thing to say ... I thought girls were supposed to be into lips and personality? [Us Weekly]

Kim Kardashian on Megan Fox Kim Kardashian said at the latest "Transformers" premiere, "I'm totally a Megan Fox fan. That's really the only reason I'm here. Megan Fox is so hot. She is like my girl crush and I don't have girl crushes." God help you if you had any other reason to see "Transformers." [PopCrunch]

Tila Tequila on Christina Ricci The allegedly bi-sexual Tila Tequila said, "I love Christina Ricci. She's really hot and I think she looks kind of odd like me … I fell in love with her when I saw 'Black Snake Moon.' She was naked in that one. I kind of drooled over her naked scenes." I can't take anything Miss Tequila says seriously, but for the record, Ricci was way cuter when she was curvy. [Monsters And Critics]

Katy Perry on Miley Cyrus After Katy Perry sang "I Kissed a Girl," of course she had a lot of people asking whom she would have kissed. Her answer is kinda awkward given her crush's age. "Miley Cyrus! She's the lucky girl. It's cool to hear through the grapevine that Miley Cyrus has my song as her ring tone. Maybe we'll have another Britney-Madonna moment on stage. How hilarious would that be? Although I don't think it would help her career. However, it would definitely help mine!" Bleh is the only reaction I can muster up. Maybe they should start a girl group with other singers who don't know about pants? [Binside]

Megan Fox on Olivia Wilde Megan Fox, who is never shy with her language said, "Olivia Wilde is so sexy she makes me want to strangle a mountain ox with my bare hands." That's how it should be—sure she's bats**t crazy, but if you're going to have a crush or make a statement to the press, you might as well REALLY go for it! [Scandalist]

Janet Jackson on Alicia Keys Janet Jackson claims if she was to have a lesbian fling, "I think I would pick Alicia Keys, I think she's wonderful," and believes that maybe people question Oprah and Alicia's sexuality because, "[they are] strong women. Maybe they want to put something else behind it because of the strength. Like, you can't be a woman and be strong, and there has to be something else to it." Nothing wrong with lady loving, Janet can do whatever she wants as long as she keeps the n***** slips to a minimum. [PopSugar]

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