And the Oscar Goes to ... Award Predictions

PHOTO Colin Firth portrays King George VI in "The Kings Speech."PlayLaurie Sparham/The Weinstein Company/AP Photo
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The ballots have been cast, the red carpet is being rolled out, and all that remains is seeing who will go home with an Oscar.

Herewith a few Oscar predictions from ABC News contributor Chris Connelly:

After months of campaigning and shifts of fortune, "The King's Speech" is the best picture front-runner, stutter-stepping past "The Social Network," the favorite a few weeks ago.

Its reluctantly regal star, Colin Firth, is the odds-on best actor choice, while best actress remains a hard-to-pick pas de deux with co-favorites Natalie Portman from "Black Swan" and four-time nominee Annette Bening in "The Kids Are All Right."

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In the Hollywood-is-just-high-school-with-money department, there has been snarky chatter in the hallways about these "For Your Consideration" ads that Melisso Leo from "The Fighter" purchased for herself.

Oscar Winner Predictions

Haters are gonna hate but Leo remains a likely best supporting actress choice. Her co-star, the usually uber-intense Christian Bale, has been flashing smiles throughout this Oscar season. Perhaps because he is considered the favorite for best supporting actor.

Being a winner is even better than being the favorite. For all the nominees, however, that will have to wait until Sunday night.

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