Kristen Bell: Paparazzi Run Red Lights Near Schools, Push Kids and Yell

PHOTO: Kristen Bell is seen during an interview with Peter Travers on "Popcorn." PlayABC News
WATCH Kristen Bell to the Paparazzi: Hunt Me But Leave My Daughter Alone

Kristen Bell knows she signed up to be "hunted" by the paparazzi, but she wants to make sure that her 11-month-old daughter, Lincoln, isn't subjected to the same treatment unless she chooses a public life.

So, the "Veronica Mars" star, 33, and her husband of four months, Dax Shepard, 39, have begun persuading media companies to stop buying paparazzi photos of celebrities' children, to great success. (ABC News does not publish unauthorized photos of celebs' children.)

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"On the ground in L.A., it's an extremely unsafe environment," Bell told Peter Travers. "There is so much money in the business of photographing these kids that there are guys running red lights around schools, they're pushing kids over, they're yelling, and these kids, it can terrify them."

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Bell, whose "Veronica Mars" film opened on Friday, explained that as an actress, she knows that she "signed up" to be photographed on occasion, but, she added of her daughter, "She is a private citizen who has human rights of her own, and as a minor, one of those rights is her anonymity."

"I wanted to stop the money from going into their pockets," she continued. "If they're not getting paid for those pictures, the harassment will stop."