Kristen Bell's Daughter Can Say 3 Words, Including 'Boobies'

One-year-old Lincoln can also "Jersey turnpike," the "Frozen" star bragged.

APRIL 18, 2014 -- Kristen Bell's daughter is only 1, but she has already picked up a few verbal skills.

The "Frozen" star, 33, said Lincoln, her daughter with Dax Shepard, has already mastered three words.

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"She says, 'Mama,' 'dada,' and tries to say 'boobies,' which sometimes comes out, which is really cute," Bell told Ellen DeGeneres. "For her [it's a necessary word] because all day she looks at me and ... wants milk. I'm a walking food truck."

But talking isn't the only skill that Lincoln has mastered.

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Bell said her daughter is also a "pretty decent dancer," and signals her parents by pointing to a "jam box" when she's ready to show off her moves.

"She loves to Jersey turnpike... and her face is like, kind of stony throughout," the actress said before demonstrating the move. "I think it started because she didn't have a ton of balance, and then, now we've encouraged it and that's her go-to move. ... We both do it with her.”