Comedians Roast Weiner After Resignation

Comics step up jokes about Anthony Weiner after resignation.

ByABC News
June 16, 2011, 1:22 PM

June 17, 2011— -- Late night comedians have been having a Weiner roast since the sexting scandal involving New York congressman Anthony Weiner first broke.

News of his resignation Thursday brought on a fresh onslaught of jokes from all the late-night hosts -- except Jon Stewart, who was at an event in Washington, D.C. Stewart didn't tape a show yesterday because he was performing at a Bob Woodruff Foundation event where he got in a few cracks about Weiner according to someone who attended the event.

On "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," Leno joked that "there will be no more junk mail from Anthony Weiner," adding "I guess he realized he couldn't stick it out any longer."

Leno quipped that his replacement may be Brett Favre, who was embroiled in a similar sexting scandal, and made a gag that the embattled congressman may want to text his resignation letter.

On the "Late Show with David Letterman," a package of hotdogs were tossed out to Letterman during his monologue, packaged as "Weiner's Wieners" and touted as a great gift for dad on Father's Day. Letterman then joked about Weiner sending photos to voters, with a note reading: "remember when you're in the voting booth – pull THIS lever!"

Letterman closed his barrage of Weiner jokes with a sight gag about President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner's upcoming golf plans. He joked that Weiner woulnd need to be removed from the fourth hole green -- the show then cut to an animation of Weiner writhing on the golf hole.

Late night funnyman Conan O'Brien took the occasion of Weiner's resignation to officially put a moratorium on Weiner gags -- though he couldn't quite make it to the end of his nightly monologue without sneaking another one in.

Stewart's show did not tape last night. Being a personal friend of Weiner -- Stewart is an old college buddy -- was initially awkward for the comedian.

When the scandal first broke, Stewart went easy on him. "In real life, in my memory, this guy had a lot more 'Anthony' and a lot less 'Weiner,'" he said. "The only thing they have in common is that they both lean to the extreme left."

Even when Weiner admitted at the June 6 press conference that he lied about sending Twitter pictures of his crotch and bare chest, Stewart didn't immediately pounce on him.

After joking that "he's packing jumbo heat" and remarking that "he's f***in' ripped -- I can't believe this guy and I are the same age," Stewart said, "this story officially became sad."

Since then, Stewart has taken his share of shots at the congressman. One of those shots resulted in Stewart actually cutting his hand on a margarita glass while giving a fake news conference parodying Weiner's emotional news conference admitting he lied about the sexting.

Even Stewart had to admit that the story, with its raunchy photos and a last name that is already a punchline, was just too irresistible for a comedian.

"It was by any standard a gift from the comedy -- whatever it is comedians have that takes the place of God," he joked.

As expected there have been plenty of Weiner jokes from all corners.

"If your name is Weiner and you hold public office, don't tempt fate with Internet pics. #AreyoulisteningBoehner?" "Star Trek" star George Takei wrote on Twitter.

"Congressman Weiner is in a lot of trouble since he tweeted those pictures," Conan O'Brien said on his late-night show. "But good news for him, he just found out he'll be allowed to keep his porn name ... Anthony Weiner."

Craig Ferguson, host of his own CBS late, late night show, especially had a field day.

"Congressman Weiner's Twitter account was hacked allegedly, and someone texted a picture of his 'junior senator' to a college girl. Now this is good news for me because I can Google Wiener photos at work and not get fired," he joked.