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'Leaked' Un-Retouched Photos of Cindy Crawford Draw Support Online

The lingerie-clad model’s un-retouched images show the signs of aging.

ByABC News
February 16, 2015, 8:20 AM

— -- From the catwalk to the covers of countless magazines, Cindy Crawford has been an iconic supermodel for decades, but this morning she’s the topic of conversation for an un-retouched photo that showcases flaws.

The un-retouched image came from a 2013 shoot for Marie Claire Mexico and Latin America for which Crawford, 48, appeared on the cover. The cover image showed Crawford from the chest up, and photos of her inside the spread showed her stomach covered.

In the un-retouched photos, though, the lingerie-clad Crawford struck a provocative pose, and while her body appeared slim, her bared stomach was no longer taut and her thighs weren’t as toned as before.

Cindy Crawford Still Struggles With Body Image

The image was going viral after British journalist Charlene White shared it on Twitter.

“I thought I would tweet the picture because I found it incredibly empowering to see someone as beautiful and iconic as Cindy Crawford in her natural form,” White said.

Marie Claire wasn’t denying the authenticity of the un-retouched photos. In an online post, the magazine said the images reveal “a body that defies expectations -- it is real, it is honest, and it is gorgeous.”

The magazine also wrote: “It appears that this unretouched version is a leak.”

Crawford has acknowledged the changes her body has experienced over time. In 2012, the mother of two children told The Huffington Post’s Marlo Thomas that her body wasn’t the same as it was.

“I’m happy with my body ... but it’s not my old body,” she said, adding: “I had both of my children at home, naturally. In some ways I appreciate my body more now because I know what it’s capable of.”

Crawford hasn’t commented on the photo and didn’t reply to ABC News’ requests for comment.

There was a flood of support for Crawford on Twitter. One woman tweeted: “Finally! Thank you!! Every woman needs to see.” Another wrote: “Turns out she has a real body, just like me. And you and you and you...”

Even actress Jamie Lee Curtis added her voice to the growing support.