The Top 5 Celebs on the Verge of Meltdowns

Lindsay Lohan tops list of stars in danger of self-imploding.

October 12, 2009, 3:22 AM

Oct. 12, 2009 — -- Let's face it. A lot of celebrities rely on mood stabilizers and prescription meds, therapy sessions and rehab stints.

Since the dawn of Hollywood, the chosen few have struggled to reconcile their real-world problems with their larger-than life public persona. Fame, as they say, is a b***h.

But some celebrities need help more than others, and fast. As in, they should've undergone a psychological evaluation yesterday.

Below, check out five stars in danger of self-imploding and the courses of action they might want to consider:

When Lindsay Lohan signed on to advise the high fashion house of Emanuel Ungaro, she raised more than a few eyebrows. But considering that Hollywood studio heads aren't exactly banging down her door, it's hard to blame the girl for taking a gig in an industry she barely knows.

That said, she embarrassed herself and Ungaro at her Paris Fashion Week debut. Heart-shaped pasties and a blue bandeau bra do not a fashion line make.

Lohan looked less than luminescent on the runway, and partying in Paris she showed even more signs of wear and tear. Maybe it's over-stressing, maybe it's under-eating, or maybe, as her father told Radar Online, it's prescription drugs.

Whatever the case, in his words, she seems to be covered in "a fungus."

Prescription: a month of sleep, a visit to a career counselor, a French diet of brie and baguette, and a medicine cabinet clean-out.

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