Lindsay Lohan Stays Sober, Dina Lohan Screams for Ice Cream

While Lindsay Lohan passes her alcohol test, Dina Lohan gets creamed by Carvel.

June 18, 2010, 7:03 AM

June 18, 2010 — -- In the Lohan family, it's normal to to take a scoop of good news with a sprinkle of the bad.

Thursday, according to E! News, Lindsay Lohan learned that a court-ordered alcohol test she submitted after her SCRAM bracelet went off June 7 came back negative, suggesting that yes, in fact, the party-loving starlet has managed to stay sober.

Lohan's attorney, Shawn Chapman Holley, confirmed the negative test results to

Beverly Hills judge Marsha Revel slapped the alcohol monitoring device on Lohan May 24 after she failed to show up for a mandatory hearing stemming from her 2007 DUI case. (Her excuse: She was stuck at the Cannes Film Festival, where her passport was stolen.)

After Lohan's SCRAM -- secure continuous remote alcohol monitoring -- bracelet went off, Revel doubled the actress's bail to $200,000. She's due back in court July 6.

Ever the fashionista, Lohan has tried to make the most of her court-mandated ankle accessory. Last month, she used Twitter to send out a style SOS to French fashion powerhouse Chanel.

"can CHANEL please help me out by getting me some stickers to put on my scram bracelet so that i can at least wear a chic dress?! maybe!? x," Lohan tweeted.

It seems Chanel's not in the business of jazzing up alcohol monitoring devices. Lohan's been covering up her anklet with knee-high boots and long pants.

And now for the not so good news: While her daughter's guzzling Red Bull and water, according to a recent tweet, Dina Lohan is attempting to embezzle ice cream.

According to ice-cream company Carvel, Dina has been abusing an Ice Cream Black Card that was issued to Lindsay and younger sister Ali. While Carvel deemed Lindsay and Ali worthy of enjoying free frozen treats for 75 years, their mom did not get that honor. And now, no matter how loudly Dina Lohan screams for free ice cream, she'll get none from Carvel.

"While the card was issued in Lindsay and Ali's names only, their extended family has repeatedly used the card without either present," Ashley Swann, Carvel's public relations manager, said in a statement posted on the company's website Thursday. "At first, we graciously honored their requests while explaining that the Black Card was not a carte blanche for unlimited Carvel ice cream for the extended Lohan family and friends. After more than six months of numerous and large orders for ice cream, we finally had to cut off the card and take it back."

Dina Lohan Criticized by Carvel

"Dina Lohan reacted badly and called the police to have her card returned," Swann continued. "The police responded and did return the card to Dina with instructions not to use it again. This is an unfortunate situation where certain people feel entitled to use a celebrity's name for their own purposes. We regret that the Lohan family is upset and hope this matter is put behind us quickly."

Embarrassing, yes. But at least Carvel didn't outfit Dina with an ice cream monitoring device.

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