Lisa Kudrow Reveals the Origin of 'Smelly Cat' on 'Friends'

You're never going to believe who helped her!

— -- Ever wonder where Phoebe Buffay's famous "Smelly Cat" came from?

"The writers wrote it, I wrote the tune, and had a little help from Chryssie Hynde. She was amazing," Kudrow said during a AMA session to promote her new show "The Comeback."

Hynde you may know as the leader of the rock band The Pretenders.

The former "Friends" star, 51, also talked about the constant urging from fans to sing the song.

"I have a LOT of people ask. I've not done it," she said.

She added to another question, "Haven't picked [up a guitar] since we finished the show."

"See, now, 20 people would be insulted... but because I spent 10 years laughing hysterically at Matthew Perry off-set, it's Matthew Perry. And not laughing at him, laughing with him, sorry!" she said.

As for a "Friends" reunion," Kudrow said, "I’ll go for it.”