Luke Bryan Says Sons Bo and Tate Are Adjusting Very Well Since His Nephew Til Moved In

Sons Bo and Tate are getting along with nephew Til, he said.

— -- Luke Bryan's oldest son, Bo, went from being the "alpha male" in the house to being the middle child when Luke's 13-year-old nephew, Til, moved in with them last year. The adjustment hasn't fazed Bo or his younger brother, Tate, though.

"It's been amazing watching them do so well with it," Bryan told People magazine. "They treat Til like their brother, and Til does the same."

Til has even helped Bo and Tate improve as athletes, Bryan said.

"When I come home, they're throwing the baseball a little farther and hitting the ball a little harder. I know that's 'cause Til's been out in the yard with them," Bryan said.

Til came to live with Luke and his wife, Caroline, late last year when Til's father, Luke's brother-in-law Ben Cheshire, passed away. Til's mother, Luke's sister Kelly, died in 2007. When it comes to guiding his family through the loss, Luke said he leans on his faith to see him through.

"I think with everything that's happened in my family, I just have to lean on my faith and the understanding that God has a plan for all of us. We just wake up every day and do our best," he said.