Man's Spontaneous Over-the-Shoulder Trick Shot Lands Nothing But Net

Nicholas Tate was in an empty gym when he successfully landed this crazy shot.

— -- When Nicholas Tate had the rare opportunity to have an entire basketball gym to himself, he decided to take a selfie video to impress his friends.

"I like to play basketball but I'm not really that good at it," Tate, 27, of New Bern, North Carolina, told ABC News.

"By some stroke of luck, I had the opportunity to go into a basketball gym and have it to all myself. I tried a couple shots like normal, no big deal, but then I thought, 'Maybe I'll take a video because all my friends on Instagram will be jealous I'm able to play by myself.'"

As he began recording, Tate said he had "no intention of even trying" the spontaneous over-the-back-of-his-head shot, a video of which has now gone viral. But when he saw the net behind him in the selfie video, "I was like, I guess I'll just try to throw it over my shoulder."

And there it was -- nothing but net.

"That's my 2014 right there," he quipped. "You can go ahead and close the books right there."

Tate's nonchalant demeanor has the Internet cracking up. But he said his unimpressed facial expression was just a delayed response to what he had actually managed to just pull off.

"After the video I shot around again, just free throws and that stuff, and of course I couldn't make anything," he said.

As for attempting his impressive trick shot again, "The temptation to go out on top is pretty strong, but I'm sure the next time I get a basketball out I'll be silly and try it again."