Martha Stewart Stitched Up After Dog Head Butt

Domestic diva hospitalized after dog Francesca accidentally bashes her lip.

ByABC News
January 14, 2011, 10:40 AM

Jan. 14, 2011— -- Martha Stewart has made a living out of doing (almost) everything perfectly.

So when her French bulldog Francesca accidentally head butted Stewart, splitting open her lip, the domestic diva quickly assembled her driver, stable manager and a plastic surgeon before making the trip to a hospital where she received nine stitches. Then, she documented the entire experience, complete with pictures, on her blog.

"I was rushing to New York at 9 o'clock at night leaving my home," Stewart wrote, explaining that she had just returned to her Bedford, N.Y., home Tuesday night from a trip to Colombia, South America, and Orlando, Fla., and was rushing to get into the city ahead of Wednesday's snowstorm.

"And my little dogs were all a little upset with me -- they had been lonely-- and it was dark in the kitchen and they were asleep and I wanted to say goodbye to the them," she continued.

Stewart leaned down to "whisper goodbye" to a dozing Francesca.

"I must have startled her, because she bolted upright with such force that she hit me in the face like a boxing glove hitting an opponent's face," she said.

''I was entirely startled and my neck snapped back," she wrote. "I felt a bit of whiplash as blood gushed forth from my split lip."

Realizing she had a serious gash after looking in the mirror, Stewart called the police to drive her to the hospital before remembering that she already had her driver on standby.

She also had her daughter Alexis call ahead for a plastic surgeon to meet her at Northern Westchester Hospital. Then, with her stable manager Betsy Perreten accompanying her, she headed for the emergency room, where the doctor sewed up the gash on her upper lip.

The procedure did not stop the domestic goddess from noticing the outdated hospital decor, however.

"The ceiling border in the little patient room could use some updating," she wrote, while also thanking the doctor and the hospital staff for "their prompt and professional attention."