'Master of None' star Aziz Ansari says 'I'm single now,' reveals what he's looking for in true love

The actor told ABC News what he's looking for in true love.

This time around, Dev is no longer a struggling actor, but a TV show host.

Without spoiling it, after the end of season one when Dev trekked to Italy to learn how to make pasta, he returned to New York and found himself still searching.

The plot seems to mimic Ansari's own life. The actor told ABC News he hasn't found that special someone just yet.

"I'm single now," he said last Thursday at the New York City premiere.

"You're taking me to a dark place," Ansari quipped.

And although his character, Dev, loves to text -- and analyze texts -- Ansari, 34, said he instead prefers to pick up the phone.

"I like calling people and speaking to them on the phone, personally," he added.

So what is Ansari looking for in a girlfriend?

"Someone you'd be thrilled to do nothing with," he said.