Matthew McConaughey and Other Stars React to Their 2014 Emmy Nominations

Nominees Kerry Washington, Kate Mara, Jimmy Fallon and more also weighed in.

— -- Actors and actresses alike are thrilled after their name was called this morning during the 2014 Emmy nominations announcement.

Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey, for example, who was nominated for Lead Actor in a Drama Series for his role in "True Detective," said: "I am Honored to be nominated with such a talented field of actors," he told ABC News via a statement. "This is a tremendous category filled with some riveting performances. Thank you for this recognition."

Added "Scandal star Kerry Washington, who earned a best actress nod, "I'm so honored to be nominated. And so thrilled for Joe Morton and Kate Burton! I'm crazy grateful that the TV Academy has acknowledged our show in these ways.”

Best comedic actor nominee Ricky Gervais said he was "over the moon" about the honor. "I cannot wait to fly to L.A. to see Louis C.K. win," he joked. "Genuinely though, I am absolutely thrilled."

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Some newcomers, like Uzo Aduba aka "Crazy Eyes" from "Orange is the New Black," were also nominated -- and couldn't be happier.

"Oh my goodness I am truly speechless. I’m so so feeling humbled and just thankful for not only myself but our show to be recognized. Oh my gosh. I feel like a princess or something," she told "Good Morning America."

Kate Mara is filming "Fantastic Four" and watched the announcement in her trailer. [SPOILER ALERT - DON'T READ IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN "HOUSE OF CARDS"]

"I then emailed [Kevin] Spacey to congratulate him and he replied telling me I was nominated," she said. "I thanked him for throwing me in front of the train and getting me those pity votes. Gonna celebrate tonight with Reg E Cathay who was also nominated and is ironically here playing my father in this film."

Lizzy Caplan is ready to part after her nomination for "Masters of Sex."

“I can safely say that this is one of the few phone calls a person WANTS to get at an ungodly hour. I am shocked and thrilled and SHOCKED and really, really excited. Did I mention I'm shocked? Because I am SHOCKED. Champagne before 6 am is ok, right?” she told ABC News in a statement.

Here's how other nominees celebrated on Twitter: