Mayim Bialik and Marcie Leeds Recreate Iconic Scene From 'Beaches'

The actresses haven't seen each other since the 1988 film.

Besides shooting the video, the pair spent some time catching up over lunch, and Bialik posted excerpts from their conversation on her website.

Leeds revealed what prompted her to leave show business forever.

"On the day Congresswoman Giffords was visiting Tucson, Arizona, I was coming on call Saturday morning to be the senior resident on the trauma service that day, January 8, 2011," Leeds recalled.

"They then brought in a woman dressed in a black dress with this huge thing over her head. They said, 'This is the congresswoman – she has a gunshot wound to the head,'" Leeds continued. "And we started resuscitating her, I started asking her if she could move certain limbs and all she was doing was grunting. She couldn't speak."

Giffords survived, and for the next two weeks it was Leeds' job to check in on her every day.

"It was such a circus between the press and the cops and the Secret Service," Leeds remembered. "She had 10 people outside her room at any given moment. So I'd go in at 4 o'clock in the morning when there was nobody there, and I'd see her and do an exam. Her husband was always by her bed and we would chat about how she was doing."

Now in private practice, Leeds has no regrets about leaving show business.

"I love what I do; I don't regret my decision to leave acting," she said. "The grass is always greener I guess, but actually being where I am now has truly been quite a feat in itself."