Meet Tom Meents: Monster Jam's most decorated driver

PHOTO: Nicole Phillip speaks with Monster Jam driver, Tom Meents in front of his car Max-D at a preview show for the event.PlayABC News
WATCH Most decorated monster truck driver at Monster Jam 2017

After 20 years and 11 Monster Jam World Finals, Tom Meents has solidified himself among the Monster Jam legends.

For those just now getting into the rough-riding sport, here are five things you need to know about the "Max-D" driver ahead of the upcoming Monster Jam Show.

1) Meents used to work at a Ford dealership, working on cars for eight years.

2) His favorite color is black and loves his cars to be black. "It kinda represents the BKT tires. Got a huge black presence when you walk up on it," said Meents.

3) After 24 years and 11 wins, defeat is still difficult for Meents and Team Max-D. "The more you win, the more you want to win more than anything," said Meents.

4) He was 10 years old when he first started thinking of driving Monster Jam trucks and didn't have a real idea of how to go about it, but he took his dream "and rode it all the way to the top," he said.

5) One thing Meents has learned about how to attain a fantastic performance is that it has to be "half man, half machine." "They both have to show up," he added.

Check out Tom Meents and Max-D in action as Moster Jam continues Saturday with a show at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.