Melissa McCarthy’s Style Secrets Revealed

Melissa McCarthy style tips are revealed in People’s style issue.

Coyne said McCarthy has her own clothing line, called Melissa McCarthy 77.

"She is a hands-on part of this entire line," Coyne said. "She is executing these designs. She is meticulous about everything from where a seam is running to where a button is placed, to something that needs a little pleat or a pocket here or there."

McCarthy wrote in People that she was inspired to start the line because she’s always loved fashion. She wrote that things aren’t made the right way for women’s bodies – for example, some jeans don’t fit well, other items need sleeves and yet others need pockets -- and McCarthy worked hard to take things into consideration when she created her line, Coyne said.

"She is kind of obsessed, really," Coyne said of "The Heat" star.

McCarthy is also on a "mission," according to Coyne to make sure that all sizes of her line are grouped together and not separated by size.

"She wants all of the sizes of her clothes to be in the same place on the main floor of stores," Coyne said. "So this idea of a woman who might be a slightly larger size can't go shopping with her friends because at a certain point it's like, 'Bye, see you later, I have to go over by the tire section to where my clothes are,' that's crazy, and she's calling out a lot of stores on that and demanding that all of her sizes be kept together."

Coyne shared McCarthy’s style tips:

Tip 1. Fashion should be fun. It should make you feel good, like donning armor to go out into the world. It should not feel uncomfortable or unflattering.

Tip 2. Ignore the rules and wear what makes you happy. Some women are told that they can wear prints or certain cuts, or should change their style because they’re mothers now. McCarthy is a mother of two who wears leather pants with a cheetah print, Coyne said.

Tip 3. Pay it forward. McCarthy said she was walking with her daughters when a man walked by wearing a T-shirt with a vulgar message. McCarthy believes fashion can send a positive message to create a ripple effect, according to Coyne. "Two of the shirts in her line have messages on them," Coyne said. "One says, 'You're Doing Great,' and the other one says, 'Good For You.'"

Red-carpet risk takers include Maisie Williams, Coyne said.

The style issue hits newsstands on Friday.