Here's the One 'Melrose Place' Scene With Which the Network Took Issue

Need a hint? It wasn't Kimberly, Amanda or even Sydney...

ByLesley Messer
September 04, 2014, 1:09 PM
PHOTO: The cast of "Melrose Place" in 1995.
The cast of "Melrose Place" in 1995.
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— -- "Melrose Place" was known for its crazy storylines and unbelievable melodrama.

However, creator Darren Star only remembers the network taking issue with one character: Matt, who was gay.

Star told Vulture that Fox rarely asked him to make script changes because their production schedule was so tight. However, that changed when he turned in a scene of Matt sharing a bed with his boyfriend.

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"One of them had to be in the doorway," writer Carol Mendelsohn said. "Then we wanted them to kiss on the beach... and broadcast standards at the time would not let us have them kiss. Instead it was 'Matt’s lover rubs his ear.'"

"Fortunately," she added, "we’ve come a long way in 20 years.”

However, Star added that in general, Fox was pretty lenient with their scripts.

"We’d pitch some of our big storylines, but it wasn’t prone to re-engineering,” he said. "For big chunks of the season, we filmed two episodes simultaneously!"

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