'X-Men: Apocalypse': Burning Questions

What a comic book newbie wanted to know.

— -- "X-Men: Apocalypse" hits theaters nationwide today and if you haven't seen all the past "X-Men" films dating back to 2000 -- yes it's been 16 years -- then you probably have a ton of questions.

This will be a spoiler-free article, but ABC News enlisted the help of a comic book newbie Joi-Marie McKenzie to see what she thought of all the official "Apocalypse" trailers.

Here's what she had to ask. Now, be nice, she was honest and knew nothing about the X-Men heading into these teaser clips.

Yes, it's scary to think that when the Oscar winner did "First Class" in 2011, she wasn't the big star she is today. Now, she's Mystique, the powerful, shape-shifting mutant, who also goes back and forth between being good and evil. Lawrence has said this is her third and final run as the blue mutant, but we'll see about that.

Fassbender plays Magneto, who controls metal. He's been the friend of Xavier for years, but always fluctuates between good and evil. Here, he's following Apocalypse, because he believes mutants are the next step in evolution.

4 - "What time period is this?"

This is set in the 1980s. Hence the big hair and amazing outfits.

5 - "Why did I just see a pyramid?"

Great question. Apocalypse is ancient and has been around for thousands of years. What you saw is his origin around the time the Egyptian pyramids were built, which he did with his mind! Think about that one.

6 - "Who is the weird looking, scary guy?"

The blue/gray man you are referring to is Apocalypse.

7 - "Why are all those people flying by him?"

They are not flying by, exactly. Like Charles, it seems he can see and possibly control all the mutants in the world, per the trailers. So, what you are seeing is him connecting with them.

8 - "Are those the Four Horsemen? Are they not good?"

Well, this is tricky. Psylocke, Angel and Storm all end up good, we hope. But it's hard to disagree with your first ancestor and first mutant who tells you how things are supposed to go. So, they are bad in the context of this film, but I'm sure it's more complicated that that. Apocalypse trying to kill the human race, not good, not good at all.

9 - "Why did we see McAvoy with a shaved head? He runs a school?"