From Brad Pitt to Justin Theroux: Meet the Men of Jennifer Aniston

The actress has an impressive list of Hollywood men in her past.

ByABC News
August 13, 2012, 2:14 PM

Aug. 13, 2012— -- intro: Since her infamous Brad Pitt breakup in 2005, Jennifer Aniston has been deemed unlucky in love. The actress has been linked to a long list of Hollywood bachelors but none seemed to work out. Until there was Justin Theroux, Aniston's co-star in the film "Wanderlust." Aniston's rep told ABC News Aug. 13 the couple, who've been dating since May 2011, were engaged.

Theroux popped the question on his 41st birthday Friday.

"Justin Theroux had an amazing birthday on Friday, receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, accepted his proposal of marriage," Theroux's rep told People magazine.

But before Aniston walks down the aisle, take a look at the men who came before Justin Theroux.

quicklist: 1title:Tate Donovantext: Before there was Justin Theroux, there was Tate Donovan. Aniston began dating her "Friends" co-star in 1995. The pair sparked marriage rumors when they were spotted wearing rings, but it turned out to be Irish commitment rings, not an engagement.

In July 1997, Donovan told People magazine the pair definitely thought about marriage, and Aniston called Donovan "one perfect guy."

In April 1998, Donovan's father confirmed to People magazine the couple had split. Reports blamed Aniston's newly-found star status and Donovan's lesser fame for the breakup.

"Jennifer and Tate are both nice people," Donovan's father told People of the split. "Nice people just don't always get married and live happily ever after."media: 16996697

quicklist: 1title: Brad Pitttext: The most infamous of Aniston's past relationships is undoubtedly Brad Pitt. The couple married in 2000 and were Hollywood's golden couple, until their highly publicized divorce in 2005 when Pitt left Aniston for Angelina Jolie. Pitt and Jolie went on to become parents of six kids.

In 2006, Jolie admitted to Vogue magazine her romance with Pitt began on the set of their film "Mr. and Mrs. Smith." Aniston, who was still married to Pitt during the filming, was not amused by the comment.

"There was stuff printed there that was definitely from a time when I was unaware that it was happening," Aniston told Vogue in December 2008. "I felt those details were a little inappropriate to discuss."

Last September, Pitt told Parade magazine he was never that satisfied with Aniston.

"It became very clear to me that I was intent on trying to find a movie about an interesting life, but I wasn't living an interesting life myself," he told Parade. "I think that my marriage [to Aniston] had something to do with it. Trying to pretend the marriage was something that it wasn't."

Jolie and Pitt were engaged in April and with Aniston's new engagement, many are wondering who would be the first ones down the aisle?media: 16996214

quicklist: 3title: Vince Vaughntext: Shortly after her Pitt divorce, Aniston began dating funny man Vince Vaughn in the summer of 2005 on the set of their film "The Break Up." Although spotted kissing in Chicago, the pair denied numerous reports that they were an item. In May 2006, Vaughn finally opened up slightly about Aniston to Oprah Winfrey.

"Jennifer's great," Vaughn told Winfrey. "She's just really smart and funny and easy to be with -- very considerate. She's great."

That summer, Aniston and Vaughn were spotted being affectionate all over the globe on a press tour for "The Break Up," including a boat cruise in Paris, a Chicago Cubs game and at the aquarium in Sydney, but they still wouldn't fully admit to a relationship.

But the heat began to cool between the stars in fall 2006. The couple fought to convince people they were still a couple but ultimately, in December, they called it quits.

"After Jennifer's trip to London several weeks ago, Jennifer and Vince mutually agreed to end their relationship but continue to be good friends today," reps for the stars told People magazine. media: 16996735

quicklist: 4title: Paul Sculfortext: Model Paul Sculfor was relatively unknown before he dated Aniston in 2007. The actress, who was 38 at the time, and Sculfor, then 36, were first spotted together having a romantic dinner at Santa Monica's One Pico restaurant in the Shutters Hotel Memorial Day weekend 2007. But their relationship was more of a summer romance because an Aniston insider told Us Weekly in July of that year that the couple had already split.

"There was no drama," the source told Us Weekly. "They had a couple of dinners and hung out; it was never more than that. Jen and Paul were friends and remain friends. They will probably go out to dinner again sometime."media: 16996675

quicklist: 5title:John Mayertext: John Mayer is notorious for dating famous Hollywood women so it was no surprise when he hooked up with Aniston in 2008. The couple dated on and off through 2009, with Mayer telling press at one point that he didn't want to "waste somebody's time if something's not right." Reports cited Mayer's constant Twitter use as the final break up culprit.

"There was a rumor that I'd been dumped because I was tweeting too much," he told Playboy after their split. "That wasn't it, but that was a big difference. The brunt of her success came before TMZ and Twitter. I think she's still hoping it goes back to 1998. She saw my involvement in technology as courting distraction. And I always said, 'These are the new rules.'"media: 16996613

quicklist: 6title: Gerard Butlertext: After filming "The Bounty Hunter" together, reports flew linking Aniston to her co-star Gerard Butler.

"We just really had a good, fortunate time," Aniston told BBC . "We clicked. It was just easy. There was no pretension to kind of break through and we just kind of instantly were like, 'Yeah I like you.'"

The pair was spotted around Paris in March 2010 promoting "Bounty Hunter" and had a uber-sexy photo shoot in W Magazine. But even though reports desperately tried to link the two, they were adamant about denying any romance.

"It will never be over," Gerard told USA Today about the dating rumors. "If Jen remains my friend, which I hope she will, anytime we would ever hang out in any way will be us dating again,"media: 16996496