Mike Tyson Opens Up on 'The View'

Mike Tyson opens up about past violence, current financial situation.

ByABC News
May 7, 2010, 7:00 AM

May 7, 2010 — -- Broke and pigeon-obsessed: this is not the Mike Tyson most fans know.

In a special appearance on ABC's "The View" today, the former world heavyweight champion opened up about his current financial troubles, his past with ex-wife Robin Givens, and his renewed passion for pigeon racing.

Tyson also reunited with Barbara Walters, whose 1988 interview about his reportedly violent marriage with Givens sparked intense speculation about his character.

Tyson didn't react during the interview with Walters, but afterwards, he flew into a rage and threw a chair, prompting Givens to file for divorce. Today, Walters asked why he remained expressionless when Givens accused him of being abusive.

"I was a young kid then, I got, what do you call it, Shanghaied in the moment," Tyson said. He was 22-years-old at the time. "I was just bushwhacked there," he continued, adding that he was in his "junkie" stage and probably sedated from medication during the interview.

Walters also asked Tyson if he blamed her for the breakup of his marriage. Tyson said he did not.

Now, at 43, "Iron Mike" claims he's put most of his demons behind him. But money remains a problem.

"I'm totally destitute and broke," Tyson said. "I had a lot of fun. It just happened."

Perhaps that's why he's pursuing a new project with Animal Planet: a reality TV show that follows him as he raises and races pigeons in Brooklyn, New York. It's set to premiere next year.

"I love all birds but what I particularly like are roaming pigeons," Tyson said.

But according to Tyson, his true passion is his family -- he said he's found love with his third wife, Lakiha "Kiki" Spicer, and is trying to set a good example for his six children. Step one: making sure they don't grow up swinging fists like he did.

"What am I gonna tell my son when a bully picks on him?," Tyson said. "[I used to say,] 'Stand up for yourself.' But now I say, 'Just walk away.' It's not even worth standing up."