Why Miranda Lambert Gave Carrie Underwood a Motorcycle

The singer opens up about the gift, her album and how she feels about her body.

June 3, 2014 — -- Miranda Lambert's new album, "Platinum," is debuting today, and she's making sure that everyone associated with it is celebrating.

A few weeks ago, she bought a motorcycle for Carrie Underwood, who is featured on the song "Something Bad," and now she's explaining why.

"She was wanting a motorcycle and I wanted to get her something for all the work she’s put in, singing on the record, doing the performances," Lambert said this morning on "Good Morning America." "I was like, 'OK, you’ve got to learn how to drive this thing. Don’t blame it on me! She’s been practicing, so I can’t wait. She’s gonna look hot on that thing."

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Lambert, 30, said she was very careful about when to ask Underwood to sing with her, as it's been a dream of hers to collaborate with the former "American Idol" winner. This new album, she said, was the perfect opportunity, though she was still nervous to make the request.

"She's such an incredible artist and such a great vocalist, so when I asked her I wanted it to be the right song," Lambert said. "It's so fun performing with her. It's a blast. Girl power!"

Speaking of female empowerment, the "Platinum" singer also talked about being a role model for women who are struggling to embrace their looks. For Lambert, who has lost quite a bit of weight recently, size doesn't matter.

"People should embrace who they are, no matter what size: tall or short, or whatever color. Who they are inside is what matters," she said. "I try to live that myself. Sometimes it’s hard, but I just feel like I’ve always been about being whatever size you are. And I’ve always said, 'I don’t care, I just don’t want to jiggle!'"