'Modern Family' Co-Creator Hints Show Could End After Three More Seasons

"I'd love to see the show go 10 years," he admitted.

The hit ABC series launches its eighth season this fall, and co-creator Steve Levitan envisions it sticking around for a few more years after that before wrapping things up.

"I'd love to see the show go 10 years," he told ABC News. "I'm not sure why, it just seems like a nice, even number."

"But I think nine years would be okay," he added. "But we gotta just sort of assess it and make sure we're not limping out. We wanna go out strong."

"Sure," the former "Married with Children" star said. "I work two-and-a-half days a week on that show. It's the best job I ever had."

What can we expect from the upcoming season, which will begin with the entire family in New York? How about a guest-starring role for "Castle" actor Nathan Fillion?

Fillion will play "a TV weatherman named Rainer Shine, who is going to get involved with the Dunphy family in an interesting way," Levitan teased.

Season eight of "Modern Family" premieres Sept. 21.