MTV's 'Slednecks' Portrays Living on the Edge in Alaska

MTV under fire for new reality show featuring young people living on the edge.

The “extreme” show, which premiered Oct. 30, is drawing extreme criticism with some noting it’s basically the Alaskan version of “Buckwild,” a show MTV abruptly canceled last year after breakout star Shain Gandee, 21, died while mudding in his SUV.

His Ford Bronco submerged in the mud, eventually killing him from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Now, some say “Slednecks” proves MTV didn’t learn its lesson about extreme outdoor antics and their potentially tragic consequences.

“MTV is playing a dangerous game here,” Andrew Wallenstein, co-editor in chief of Variety magazine, told ABC News. “When you’ve got young people engaging in high risk behaviors, there is risk.”

Some of the stunts featured on “Slednecks” include barbecuing on glaciers, wakeboarding in 12-degree lakes and going for a polar plunge.

One of the stars told DZI productions such activities are not just for the cameras.

“The way the show was shot, it’s pretty much our lives as it is,” he said.

MTV told ABC News it has “no comment.”