Netflix Thinks It's Cracked the Binge-Watching Code

The company released a list of the exact episode you get hooked on each show.

— -- For everyone out there that believes Netlfix has tons of data on how you stream and watch your online shows, you are absolutely correct, a company spokesperson told ABC News.

In fact, the company released a list today it believes contains the exact episode in the first seasons of 25 different series, where the viewer got hooked and had to finish through to the end (of season 1, that is.)

Many people assume the pilot is the show that is made to entice people and actually does, but Netlfix had other ideas. The company told ABC News that a team of data science engineers focused on 16 markets from January to June of this year and analyzed the gobs of global data. (It should be noted that some of the shows on the list were analizey in less than 16 markets, because the show wasn't available in certain countries.)

Here's the list:

"Arrow," Episode 8

"Bates Motel," Episode 2

"Better Call Saul," Episode 4

"Bloodline," Episode 4

"BoJack Horseman," Episode 5

"Breaking Bad," Episode 2

"Dexter," Episode 3

"Gossip Girl," Episode 3

"Grace & Frankie," Episode 4

"House of Cards," Episode 3

"How I Met Your Mother," Episode 8

"Marco Polo," Episode 3

"Marvel’s Daredevil," Episode 5

"Once Upon A Time," Episode 6

"Pretty Little Liars," Episode 4

"Scandal," Episode 2

"Sense8," Episode 3

"Sons of Anarchy," Episode 2

"Suits," Episode 2

"The Blacklist," Episode 6

"The Killing," Episode 2

"The Walking Dead," Episode 2

"Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt," Episode 4

What's interesting, according to Netflix, is that these inflection points and episodes all contained crucial show moments. Episode 2 on "Breaking Bad" was when Walter White has to decide whether or not to commit murder, "Orange is the New Black's" lock episode is when Crazy Eyes gets aggressive in her love for Piper Chapman.

The spokesperson said after that episode, the numbers and the charts just climb exponentially on who finishes the season.

Let the debate begin. Do you agree with the episode listed above? We want to know. Voice your opinions below.

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