Nick Jonas was 'dead asleep' when his Golden Globe nomination was announced

Jonas said he slept through initial phone calls from his dad and manager.

ByABC News
December 15, 2017, 3:15 PM

— -- Nick Jonas talked on "The View" about how he found out about his Golden Globe nomination, working with his childhood crush on Shania Twain and more.

The pop singer said he was "dead asleep" and completely unprepared for the news when his Golden Globe nomination was announced for his song "Home" from the "Ferdinand" soundtrack.

Jonas said he had just come back from a press tour in Europe for "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle," and was jet-lagged in addition to being "stressed the whole week because of the nominations, wondering if the song was going to get a shot."

"My manager called me, my dad called me — I didn't wake up!" Jonas recounted.

"My friend came to my house, knocked on my door, woke me up and just had his phone like this," Jonas said, holding out his hands with a blank expression. Jonas thought that could only mean bad news: "OK, that's it! It's all over, it's done."

"I picked up the phone and my manager said, 'Listen, great news. You're nominated for a Golden Globe.'"

"I don't know why my mind went to panic right away! The problem is he didn't say anything!" Jonas joked.

The "Close" singer also addressed a rumor that he sends his dirty laundry home for his mom to take care of — turns out it's only half-true.

"I moved out when I was 18 ... When I go home, she loves to be mom again," Jonas explained. "She spent 18 years of my life and my brothers' lives cooking for us and being an amazing mother ... Sometimes she likes to do my laundry, which is really nice!"

Jonas also spoke about his "bromance" with his "Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle" co-star Jack Black.

"Jack and I really hit it off!" Jonas said. "On screen and off screen we connected but ... we took some good adventures around the beautiful island of Oahu."

"We did some good food adventures... there were no hikes involved really," Jonas joked. "It was the best."

Jonas also discussed working with his childhood crush, Shania Twain, on a new Christmas song called "Say All you Want For Christmas."

"I've been a huge Shania Twain fan my entire life," Jonas said. "There's one memory that really stands out — when you're a young man, these things really sort of imprint there."

Jonas affectionately recalled a specific outfit Twain wore from a concert special in Chicago — a yellow rash guard and parachute pants.

"It was just a legendary outfit that really stuck with me!" Jonas said.

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