North Carolina Girl Gets 'Respect' For Viral Dance Recital Routine

VIDEO: Video of Young Girl Rocking Out to Aretha Franklin Goes
WATCH Video of Young Girl Rocking Out to Aretha Franklin Goes Viral

A six-year-old tap dancer with all the right moves is a viral star thanks to her dance recital routine to Aretha Franklin’s “Respect.”

Johanna Colon’s mom posted a video of the routine Sunday to Facebook, where it has since been viewed millions of times.

The Raleigh, North Carolina, girl can be seen in the video pointing her finger, shaking her hips and generally making Aretha Franklin proud, even earning a standing ovation.

"She completely stole the show," Johanna’s mom, Elissa Colon, told local ABC News affiliate WTVD.

Colon, who described her daughter as “feisty” and “bubbly,” also told WTVD that Johanna’s dance teacher picked “Respect” specifically for Johanna.

Even before all the attention of Johanna’s viral video, Colon said dance played an important role for her daughter.

“Dance is where she gets to let loose and enjoy herself,” said Colon, who explained that Johanna’s brother suffers from Hirschsprung’s disease and requires a lot of care.

“She's very sweet and very kind," Colon told WTVD of Johanna. "She spends a lot of time taking care of [her brother] and visiting him in the hospital.”