The Obamas' Best Pop Culture Moments

10 of our favorite pop culture moments with President Obama and Michelle Obama.

ByABC News
January 19, 2017, 4:06 AM

— -- They rapped, they sang, they dropped the mic and did the Dougie.

Perhaps no other president and first lady were more savvy about pop culture than the Obamas.

From their television appearances to their viral videos, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama used the power of entertainment to promote their causes from affordable healthcare to healthy living. As a result, the public got to experience a more personal side of the first family.

Here are some of our favorite pop culture moments from eight years with the Obamas:

President Obama reads Mean Tweets on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!'

President Obama showed he wasn't afraid to poke fun at himself when he read some mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel's late night talk show.

Michelle Obama does Carpool Karaoke with James Corden

James Corden showed us how much fun it would be to have Michelle Obama along on a road trip when he invited her for a round of Carpool Karaoke on "The Late Late Show." The pair sang along to Beyonce, Stevie Wonder and Missy Elliott, with a little help from the rapper herself.

President Obama joins Jerry Seinfeld in 'Comedians in Cars'

Just seeing President Obama behind the wheel of a 1963 Corvette Stingray was reason enough to watch his appearance on Jerry Seinfeld's web series, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee." Unfortunately, neither the president nor Seinfeld ever make it out of the White House gates.

Obama joined Jerry Seinfeld in a 1963 Corvette Stingray for an episode of the comedian's hit comedy Web series.
Obama joined Jerry Seinfeld in a 1963 Corvette Stingray for an episode of the comedian's hit comedy Web series.

Michelle Obama mom-dances with Jimmy Fallon

Don't challenge Michelle Obama to a dougie contest, because she'll win every time, as Jimmy Fallon discovered when he invited her to do a little "mom dancing" on "The Tonight Show."

Zach Galifianakis interviews President Obama on 'Between Two Ferns'

When President Obama made an appearance on Zach Galifianakis' "Funny or Die" webseries "Between Two Ferns" in 2014, we got to see another side of the President. He deadpans, trades insults and feigns irritation, all while managing to discuss his health care plan -- presumably the reason he agreed to appear in the first place.

Obama trades jabs with the comedian over pardoned turkeys and "The Hangover."
Obama trades jabs with the comedian over pardoned turkeys and "The Hangover."

Michelle Obama appears on 'Parks and Recreation'

When Michelle Obama high-fived Amy Poehler's Lesley Knope on the sixth season finale of "Parks & Recreation," Twitter went crazy.

Barack Obama and his anger translator Luther

At the 2015 White House Correspondents dinner last April, President Obama got an assist from his anger translator, Luther, played by Keegan-Michael Key from "Key & Peele." Though it seemed impossible to top that, for his final appearance in 2016, he skewered then presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump before ending with an "Obama out" mic drop.

The Obamas watching Lin-Manuel Miranda perform at the White House for the first time

The Obamas were not only participants in our pop culture, they had a knack for signaling the next big thing. Witness Lin-Manuel Miranda performing the first song from what would become the smash hit musical "Hamilton."

President Obama Slow Jams the News with Jimmy Fallon in 2016

After his mic-dropping performance at the White House Correspondents dinner, President Obama once again took the mic, this time accompanied by Jimmy Fallon and The Roots' Tariq to give a "slow jam" version of his eight years in office.

Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres go to CVS

Michelle Obama made several appearances on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" during her eight years as first lady, challenging host Ellen DeGeneres to dance offs and push-up contests. On her final appearance, DeGeneres decided to help prepare Michelle for life outside the White House by taking her on a shopping trip to CVS.

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