Olivia Munn: How My Body Affects How I Dress

The actress tells ABC about being "intimidated" by fashion.

ByABC News
June 2, 2014, 2:31 PM
Olivia Munn at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on May 31, 2014.
Olivia Munn at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic on May 31, 2014.
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June 2, 2014 — -- Olivia Munn admits she is a bit of a day drinker.

"The Newsroom" star, 33, told ABC News that if the occasion is right, she likes to let loose during the day.

At the 7th Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic this past weekend in NYC, Munn shed light on when she believes the right time is to break out the champagne.

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"Every morning -- I'm a big believer in day drinking," she said. "If I lived in New York where I didn't have to drive, I would probably be walking down the streets with alcohol every day. Why not?"

The Polo Classic is not just about champagne, but fashion -- something the gorgeous Munn admitted she used to be a little afraid of. Up until the Met Gala earlier this year, she told reporters she didn't even own a ball gown.

"I still don't own a ball gown," she said. "Now, I am working with an amazing stylist, Micaela [Erlanger] -- working with somebody who really knows fashion and works with you and collaborates with you. Fashion's always been intimidating, I've always felt like I was getting forced to do things I wasn't really comfortable in. So when you work with somebody who really accentuates you and brings out what you like, it make me much more comfortable. I'm much more excited about fashion than I've ever been."

Why was she ever intimidated by fashion?

"I'm barely 5-foot-4, I'm a curvier girl, I'm not stick thin," she said. "So things don't always work out. I can't rock a lot of high-waisted jeans and I don't just look super casual. I'm not the girl who's walking around in flats all the time, flopping around and just so sinewy, cool and everything looks great on them. You look for the new trends people are doing and it gets intimidating. Everybody looks so awesome, and it's hard to replicate that."

She added, "You have to learn to do things for yourself. Not every trend ... works for you. Fashion ... you can also do the classic side of it. I tend to go more the classic because that fits my body more."