Olivia Munn: 'Office Christmas Party' Is 'Not One You Bring Your Children To'

"This movie is not one you bring your children to," she said on "GMA."

“You know what’s funny about filming a big party movie where things go wrong is that when you get off the set, you just hang out on the set amidst smoldering wreckage,” Munn’s co-star Kate McKinnon added on “Good Morning America” today. “So there’s like broken glass and pieces of garbage and empty beer bottles on the floor and you just sort of sit there and text amidst all of this. There was actually a manger on the set that I put my little cast chair in and I just sort of sat in the manger when we weren’t filming.”

It was apparently a struggle to get through scenes without laughing because the entire cast was having such a “chaotic and fun” time, said McKinnon.

“With Kate, I ruined most takes because I was laughing uncontrollably,” Munn recalled. “So I didn’t know how they were going to shoot it. I had to take a pen and stab myself under the table, honestly when she was on, because they just let her run.”

Munn also had fun backstage at “GMA” answering questions about her fellow cast members.

Who broke character the most?

Who is most likely to be late to set?

Who is most like their character?

Who is most likely to make you re-take a selfie because they didn’t like the first one?

Which of your costars is the most like you personally?