Olivia Pope vs. Mellie Grant: The Actresses Interview Each Other

Olivia Pope and Mellie Grant have a complicated relationship.

ByABC News
May 7, 2015, 7:56 AM

— -- Olivia Pope and Mellie Grant have a complicated relationship. Their characters both love President Fitzgerald Grant III on the hit show “Scandal,” and the actresses who play the women had fun interviewing each other.

Kerry Washington, who plays Pope, asked Bellamy Young, who plays Grant, about the scene that has been the most difficult for her to shoot. Young said the scene involved the death of her on-screen son, Jerry Grant Jr.

“Because I am single and childless, I was surprised how hard losing Jerry hit me. From the table-read through the shooting through watching it, I was so unexpectedly at sea,” she said, asking Washington about her hardest scene.

Jerry’s death -- he was deliberately infected with a bacterial meningitis on the orders of the head of a shadowy government organization -- came in the season three episode “The Price of Free and Fair Elections.”

Then Young, 45, turned the tables on Washington. “If you could bring one character back from the dead, who would it be?” she asked.

Washington, 38, said she would resurrect the character Harrison, a member of the Olivia Pope & Associates team who was killed in the finale of season three.

“Oh, I would have to say Harrison. I would have to say Harrison because he's our closest loss,” Washington said. “He's the loss that was closest to our hearts. So, it'd have to be him.”

The actresses also asked each other about lighter moments, such as their respective show-watching rituals and how it would be if their characters were friends.

Of course, there was the all-important question about the man they both love.

“Who should Fitz grow old with, you or me?” Bellamy asked, to which Washington responded, “I can't answer that. Because he's never going to grow old.”

They then joked that Olivia and Mellie would grow old together in a retirement home.