Olivia Wilde Shares Her Food Diary

The "Drinking Buddies" actress reveals her favorite diet splurges.

ByABC News
September 6, 2013, 12:13 PM
Olivia Wilde attends the Rush World Premiere at Odeon Leicester Square on Sept. 2, 2013 in London.
Olivia Wilde attends the Rush World Premiere at Odeon Leicester Square on Sept. 2, 2013 in London.
Tim P. Whitby/Getty Images

Sept. 6, 2013— -- intro: Olivia Wilde has encouraged women to enjoy their lives, and she's definitely taking her own advice. When she was interviewed for the October issue of Food & Wine magazine, on newsstands Sept. 13, the actress gave insight into how she eats. From pasta in Manhattan to deep-fried peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in California, she and her fiancé, actor Jason Sudeikis, aren't afraid to think outside the box. Click to see a few of her favorite treats!

quicklist: 1title: Deep-Fried PB&Jtext: Wilde told the magazine that she first tried the fried treat while visiting the Malibu Inn bar with Sudeikis. "I didn't know that existed, and now I'm ruined. I'm gonna turn into Marlon Brando," she said. "They use waffle batter, so it's not too bready. The way the peanut butter and jelly melt together is far better than I could have imagined. It's pretty much the ultimate stoner food."media: 20170880

quicklist: 2title: Beertext: In her new movie, Wilde plays a brewery employee, so it's not surprising that she learned a thing or two preparing for the role. "I have become a total beer snob," she said, adding that while she loves Guinness, she tends to reach for "a good aromatic IPA." "I'm the annoying person who takes forever in the beer aisle at Whole Foods, because I'm standing there going, 'Hmm. I'm not sure. I'm not sure if that's a good selection. Do you have anything in the back? Is this local? I've never heard of this one. How hoppy is this?'" she continued. "Other people are just like, 'Please, move on.'"media:20171308

quicklist: 3title: Italian Foodtext: "For me, my number one comfort food—the food that really feels like a hug on the inside—is pasta," Wilde said. "Probably a fresh linguine with arrabbiata sauce would be my top pick." She's also obsessed with an Italian eatery in New York City, Carbone, where she orders linguine vongole and sea urchin. "It's just garlicky and buttery and amazing," she said.media: 20172841

quicklist: 4title: A Nice Red Wine text: She may know beer, but Wilde's first love was wine. "I'm a wino," she said. "I won't say there's one grape I like best, though, because I do like blends. Do you know The Prisoner? That's a blend of Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. That's just a fabulous wine." But her number one suggestion for a good bottle of red? Scarecrow. "It's mailing-list only, so it's hard to find, but if you ever see a bottle of Scarecrow, get it," she said.media:20173553

quicklist: 5title: "Basic Carby Things" text: When she wants comfort food, she may reach for a bowl of pasta, but Wilde's love of grains doesn't stop there. "Maybe I'd have some bread on the side, with some cheese or olive oil, too," she said. "I guess I crave the basic, carby things that we're not supposed to eat."media:20172405