Original cast of 'Twin Peaks' on secrecy of remake, 27 years later

"None of us have actually seen any footage," said Kyle MacLachlan.

May 17, 2017, 12:33 PM

— -- "Twin Peaks" is returning to TV with a long-awaited reboot.

Original castmates Kyle MacLachlan (FBI Agent Dale Cooper), Kimmy Robertson (sheriff's office receptionist Lucy Moran) and Dana Ashbrook (bad boy Bobby Briggs), as well as newcomer Jim Belushi, stopped by "Good Morning America" today to discuss the remake, which remains top secret.

"None of us have actually seen any footage, there's only a few select that have seen it--although we did tattoo the entire story on Jim Belushi's body," MacLachlan joked.

The crime drama picks up 27 years after the events in the series, which ended in 1991 on a cliffhanger.

Kimmy Robertson shared what it feels like being back on the set after so many years.

"It felt 80 years [ago]," she joked. "It was a long time and it was amazing."

Dana Ashbrook said he's had some encounters with fans who have asked him to get back into character as Bobby Briggs.

"Back when the show was on the first time, there was lot more crazy stuff going on," he said. "Most of the time, they want me to like, bark...surfing on top of the car was one of my favorite things to do."

While the cast was unable to reveal any specifics, MacLachlan did confirm one detail.

"It is in the future," he said of when the show takes place. "Where it starts, we can't [say]."

"Twin Peaks" premieres this Sunday on Showtime.

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