'Little People, Big World': Inside Zach Roloff's Wedding to Tori Patton

The "Little People, Big World" wedding special took place last night.

ByABC News
August 26, 2015, 10:53 AM
Zach Roloff is seen in this undated Facebook photo.
Zach Roloff is seen in this undated Facebook photo.
Zach Roloff/Facebook

— -- On Tuesday night's "Little People, Big World," the audience was treated to a two-hour special of Zach Roloff's wedding to Tori Patton.

The actual wedding took place late last month on the family farm in front of 200 guests, but the TV special gave everyone an intimate peak inside the special day.

Patton was unable to fight back tears of joy during her vows to Roloff, while Zach promised to love his wife well into her 80's and more.

After the coupel said, "I Do," it was party time, with pictures shared on the show's Facebook page.

You can check out Patton throwing the bouquet and Zach being thrown in the air by his groomsmen.

A wedding album was also posted on TLC.com.

The album, 25 pictures in all, pre-wedding festivities, beautiful shots of the venue, and the lovely couple getting ready for the big day.

Toward the end of the show, Zach's brother Jeremy gave a speech, gushing about his brother and how loyal he will be as a husband. Other scenes showed the couple cutting the wedding cake and the first dance.